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Tangled Oak Fire Mitigation LLC

Southwest Colorado Forestry Technician offering  a variety of property and tree clearing services. 

  • Wildfire Mitigation & Defensible Space

  • Brush Removal / Mulching

  • Tree & Forest Thinning 

  • Land/ Lot Clearing

  • Forestry Mulching

  • Tree / Log Removal

  • Fence Line Clearing

Discover Grants and Tax Incentives

Learn more about funding sources supporting wildfire mitigation in Southwest Colorado.

Our Services

Our Services

We provide a variety of forestry mulching services in Southwest Colorado. 

Wildfire Mitigation 

Due to forest fires, it is imperative to have a defensible space around your property. We offer consultations and planning to keep your home safe. 

Brush Removal & Mulching 

We can efficiently remove and mulch brush with forestry equipment. 

Land & Lot Clearing 

Forestry mulching equipment allows us to efficiently clear land. 

Tree, Log, & Stump Removal 

Big or small projects... call us for your tree removal needs! 

Tree Thinning 

Our experts know about keeping a healthy forest. We can thin trees to eliminate fire hazards and help grow a healthy and thriving forest. 

Fence Line Clearing 

Whether you need a new fence line created or your old fence line cleared we have you covered. 

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